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How it Works

Personalized Secondary

Personalized Secondary Path / 7th-12th Grade

In this path, students are educated in the independent study model, where the parent/guardian is the primary teacher, and the Excel Teacher of Record (ToR) oversees the student's education. Parents are able to choose from a selection of curriculum based on the student's needs (curriculum may include online and textbook based options). Once a month, the student, parent, and ToR will meet together to review the student's body of work and discuss the student's progress.

  • Independent study model
  • Curriculum options range from Excel Teacher led classes, online learning, and textbook-based learning
  • Parent is the primary educator
  • Access to Guidance Counselors for college and career planning
  • Regular oversight by Teacher of Record
  • Seamless transition to high school
  • College class opportunities
  • Monthly Learning Period meetings

The Personalized Secondary Path may be a good fit for your family if:

  • Student is in 7th-12th grade
  • Parent is able to be the primary teacher
  • Student is able to work independently
  • Family desires a more personalized approach to the student’s education

Is the Personalized Secondary Path a good fit for my family?