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As a program of a California public school, Excel Academy must adhere to the same state testing requirements as all other public schools. Students enrolled with Excel Academy are required to take state and local assessments, including the assessments listed below. Students who do not participate in the required assessments set by Excel Academy are subject to earn a Progress Improvement Notification (PIN). Students are allowed two PINs during the school year. Upon receiving a third PIN, the student could be subject to an involuntary withdrawal from Excel Academy. Students begin each new school year with zero PINs.

It is important to Excel Academy that our students are participating in the required assessments (i.e. i-Ready or grade level appropriate pencil/paper assessments, and state testing), so that we can set our students and school up for long term success. PINs are also given to students who complete 70% or less of the learning that should have occurred for that learning period, as determined by the credentialed teacher, or misses a school appointment, including any mandatory assessment date, special education service appointment, learning period meeting, or any other required meeting.

Why should my child participate in assessments?

Excel Academy wants our authorizing districts to know all the incredible learning that is fostered in our personalized learning model of independent study. The state of California requires all public schools that receive state and federal funding to have methods of evaluation in place to show student progress in grade level expectations and standards. Our authorizing districts require board updates noting the same student progress. Our goal to have substantive student data reflected by full student participation in assessments for each board update, our annual SARC (School Accountability Report Card for the State of California) and LCAP. The LCAP is an important component of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Under the LCFF all school districts/charters are required to prepare an LCAP, which describes how they intend to meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to EC Section 52060(d). The LCAP is a three-year plan, which is reviewed and updated as required.

At Excel Academy, we hope your vision aligns with the expectations we must meet as a California public school. Please remember participation in assessments is an important life skill for your children and results can be very helpful in early intervention as well as guiding parent choice in curriculum and instruction.

In our effort to ensure our families are informed about testing, we have provided you with quick links for easy access to assessment related items. Having everything in one location can simplify things, especially when the requirements vary from grade level to grade level. Please remember the best resource you have available to you is your Teacher of Record.

Testing Resources

Updated testing resources will be distributed to Excel Academy families prior to the time of testing. This information can be shared with families for students to acclimate themselves with the various types of assessments prior to taking the tests.

Students should write down their answers prior to submitting the test. There are four major types of questions that students may see: multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, and performance assessments. Encourage students to explore and discuss the practice tests.

CAASPP Test Prep Videos

Coming Soon!

California Standards Tests (CSTs) for Science:

The Healthy Fitness Zone standards are available on the CDE and here.

College Test Prep

The College Board Code, also known as the CEEB code, is needed when taking the PSAT, SAT or AP tests. This allows the testing site and College Board to know which school the student attends. Please bring or remember your school’s College Board code when taking these tests.

Excel Academy CS (Warner: Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties): 054948

Excel Academy East (Helendale: LA and San Bernardino Counties): 053418