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Student Council Overview

Excel Academy Student Council is a program for students from grades 9-12 that develops, strengthens, and encourages students to become everyday leaders. Students meet virtually every two weeks and are trained on how to develop characteristics of a successful leader and apply these skills to their own life. Students also are given the opportunity to create unity amongst students, teachers, and faculty in our unique school setting through community and school events. These students choose to take the next step forward in maintaining Excel Academy's high standards and dedication to serving our families well.

Mission Statement

(created by the students of Excel Academy Student Council)

We, The Excel Academy High School Student Council, aim to bridge the virtual gap between students and staff while creating more hands on experience. We inspire to be the voice for students while creating more opportunities to serve each other and our community. Our aim is to serve as an organization in which students and staff work together to promote school spirit for all students.